Ultimate Duo Shockwave Therapy Training

Transform your client outcomes by mastering the synergy of shockwave therapy and radial pressure waves. This course is tailored for the physiotherapists, doctor, or chiropractor who aspires to be at the forefront of therapeutic innovation. Dive into an immersive learning experience that melds over 250 instructional videos with in-depth theoretical knowledge, equipping you to tackle a wide array of musculoskeletal conditions with unparalleled expertise.

Beyond treatment strategies, you’ll gain proficiency in device maintenance, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your equipment. If your practice’s vision includes integrating the power of both shockwave and radial pressure wave technologies, this comprehensive training module is your essential key to mastery.

Enhance Your Learning Experience – each course enrollment grants you three months of complimentary access to our exclusive shockwave community, after which you can remain a member for just $99 USD. This is your chance to engage with Uran, network with peers, share questions and experiences in the shockwave field, and access a library of the latest evidence-based shockwave therapy research. Invest in this course and unlock the full potential of advanced therapeutic modalities, setting a new standard of care within your practice.

Become A Shockwave Therapy GENIUS!

Embark on the Ultimate Duo journey, the pinnacle of training for tissue treatment and noninvasive regeneration through Shockwave Therapy. Choose from our flexible online or in-person training.

Upon Course Completion, The Practitioner Will:


Course Curriculum

Includes 53 Conditions!

One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access!

Typically Your First 6 Clients Pay For The Cost Of Your Training!

5,000.00 USD