I was entirely new to Shockwave Therapy. Joining MSI proved to be a transformative experience, as Uran guided me in selecting the appropriate Shockwave therapy device and provided comprehensive training protocols for successfully treating our patient base.

The most gratifying aspect of the MSI training program is the detailed information and protocols for treating different injuries. Having the opportunity to ask questions directly to Uran and receiving timely responses has been invaluable. The three significant advantages I’ve gained from the training are well-defined treatment protocols, seeking guidance on projected patient outcomes, and access to MSI’s Shockwave Community for additional learning from other providers.

In a nutshell, my advice to fellow Healthcare Practitioners based on my experience with Medical Shockwave Institute Training is to follow the protocols, ask questions, educate your patients, and watch the number of people you can help become limitless.

Participating in the MSI training program has significantly contributed to the financial success of my practice. The confidence gained through the training allowed me to start treating patients, expanding our treatment modalities and successfully handling a broader range of pathologies. This has led to an increased volume of patients and referrals.