Exceptional support and training

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At I Love Shockwave, we believe in quality, simplicity and safety. We specialize in Flashwave® and acoustic wave sales, education and support for Canadian healthcare professionals. Our goal is to implement Flashwave® in a way that maximizes treatment quality and support the outcomes we have come to expect from this revolutionary new technology. Thus, no device is sold without proper training, and exceptional support is our promise.

We are practitioners too. We profoundly understand the inner workings of a busy regeneration clinic. We treat clients daily with a broad range of conditions on the spectrum of pain and injury. We know the industry inside and out – and are always happy to chat. Years of experience have given us tools to improve treatment efficacy through specific protocols while also teaching tricks and techniques to maximize the life of acoustic wave devices.

Our 24-Hour Pledge

A service interruption, however rare, can be crippling to your practice. We pledge to have you back on your feet in under 24 hours, even if it requires the use of a loaner device while yours is repaired.

Start the conversation, and talk a little shop with us. There’s never any pressure, because we know success requires the right fit on both ends.

Let’s find out if Flashwave® is right for your practice.