How Marc healed a town using Radial and Shockwave Therapy
February 3, 2023

Marc Gauthier shares how Shockwave Therapy put him “out of business” and forced him to move to a bigger city to help even more people!

How Shockwave Therapy changed Dr. Matthew DiDuro personal and professional life!
December 9, 2022

Dr. Matthew DiDuro and Uran Berisha share their experience using different shockwave therapy technologies to help even the most stubborn cases!

Intro to Shockwave technology and training
April 22, 2022
Podcast Ep.1

Uran Berisha is internationally recognized as a Shockwave Therapy Specialist with over a decade of experience using different Shockwave technologies. He coaches practitioners in the proper application of Shockwave Therapy and how to create a successful self-managing practice. Stay tuned with the latest innovations in the Shockwave Therapy field and Medical Practice Entrepreneurship.