The Science of Flashwave®

Flashwaves® are longitudinal waves that travel through the body at supersonic velocity, carrying the energy of the flash which created them. The physical force of Flashwave® causes shedding of micro-vesicles from cell membranes without harming the cells.

These micro-vesicles contain nucleic acids as well as proteins and other molecules that activate neighbouring cells—initiating intrinsic healing and repair mechanisms.

These mechanisms include the release of angiogenic growth factors, which leads to to vessel sprouting (angiogenesis) and the activation of stem cells, which in turn causes new vessel formation (vasculogenesis). At the same time, an increase of the metabolic activity of cells, proliferation and a positive, modulating effect on inflammation can be observed.

Flashwave® initiates communication with and among cells, activating an intrinsic repair program within the tissue. This revolutionary cellular communication is the key to Flashwave’s® unique medical efficacy without any relevant side effects.

At the core of Flashwave technology is a high-voltage electrical discharge. The visual result of the powerful discharge in the kilovolt range is a flash, and the acoustic result is a bang.

To harness the energy created by the flash, it is surrounded with a precisely formulated liquid that is displaced when the flash is ignited. The displacement of the liquid is the wave that carries energy needed for the biocellular transduction, traveling at a supersonic velocity from our Cellular Communication Interface (CCI®) to the targeted treatment area. 

Each Flashwave® impulse of any other extracorporeal shockwave device presently on the world market. Because of this high energy, Flashwave® technology has been specifically indicated for complex musculoskeletal, urological, diabetic and aesthetic conditions.

Flashwave® is a regenerative therapeutic technology unlike any other. Imagine what it can do for your practice—and for your clients.

Types of Shockwave Generators:

Flashwave® (Electro-hydraulic)

  • Generates a true shock wave at all energy setting
  • High peak pressure
  • Original gold standard shock wave technology, highest medical efficacy
  • Large energy in large focal volume
  • Generates natural shock waves
Flashwave® (Electro-hydraulic)


  • Loudspeaker effect
  • True shock wave only at high energy setting & in focal zone
  • Designed to target small objects, such as kidney stones, not optimal for orthopedic indications
  • Static treatment; requires ultrasound targeting


  • Mechanical vibrations of piezo crystals
  • True shock wave at only high energy settings
  • Designed to target small objects such as kidney stones; not optimal for orthopedic indications

Radial Pressure Wave

  • Commonly promoted as Shockwave, but produces a mechanical pressure wave rather than a true shock wave
  • Pneumatic or magnetic hammer effect
  • Penetrates less than 2 cm; for superficial indications (unfocused energy dissipates at surface)
Radial Pressure Wave

Comparison of 3 Acoustic Waves


Flashwave®: Nonvasiv Medical GmbH, measurement Flashwave® MMC, CCI HF025

Diagnostic Ultrasound: Sine wave, calculated with 1 Mpa peak pressure at 2 MHz

Radical Pressure Wave: R.O. Cleveland, P.V. Chitnis, and S.R. McClure, Acoustic field of a ballistic shock wave therapy device. Ultrasound Med Biol., 33(8): 1327-1335, 2007, Fig. 6a



  • Uses fluid and high voltage to create Flashwaves
  • Travels and spreads at hypersonic speed through the tissue
  • Intensity is measured in kilovolt (electric discharge)
  • Travels through tissue fluidly, allowing variable and significant penetration depth

Radial Pressure Wave

  • Uses either air pressure or magnetic fields and a metal rod to create pressure waves
  • Spread at 3 m per second through tissue
  • Intensity is measured in bars (air pressure)
  • Loses energy exponentially while traveling through tissue, becoming nearly immeasurable beyond 2 cm of penetration


  • Stimulates the tissue beneath the skin’s surface
  • Very commonly used in physical therapy
  • In diagnostics uses very high frequency sound waves, between 800,000 Hz and 2,000,000 Hz


  • Can be applied on all skin surfaces, even chronic wounds or inflamed tissue
  • Not intended or marketed for treatment of tendinopathies
  • Can be used to optimize athletic performance by increasing tissue resilience and shortening regeneration time
  • Treatments are pain-free for patients in the majority of indications
  • Applied with a frequency of 1.5 – 3Hz
  • Almost unlimited medical applications due to its working mechanism (activation of endogenous stem cells)

Radial Pressure Wave

  • Can be applied on intact skin surface only (because of the pressure required for proper transmission)
  • Primarily used for treatment of tendinopathies
  • Used primarily to treat patients with an ailment/diagnosed medical condition
  • Treatments range from painful to extremely painful for the patients for the majority of cases
  • Applied with a frequency of 12 – 20Hz
  • Limited to specific superficial medical indications due to low penetration depth


  • Applied via a transducer or applicator in direct contact with patient’s skin
  • Used primarily to treat patients with an ailment or diagnosed medical condition
  • Generates heat buildup in the tissue thus must be closely monitored during application
  • Applied in physical therapy with a frequency of 0.7 – 3.3 MHz
  • Maximum energy absorption in soft tissue occurs in a range of 2 – 5cm
  • Intensity decreases with depth of penetration
Primary Indications


  • Sarcopenia and Dynapenia
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndromes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tissue optimization and resilience
  • Unspecific low back pain
  • Post-surgical complications of the musculoskeletal complex
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation and increased motor-neurological control of extremities

Radial Pressure Wave

  • Tendinopathies including Tennis Elbow
  • Achillodonyia
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shoulder calcification


  • HIFU
  • Lithotripsy
  • Targeted ultrasound drug delivery
  • Transdermal ultrasound drug delivery
  • Ultrasound hemostasis
  • Cancer therapy
  • Ultrasound assisted thrombolysis
Detailing Flashwave stand-up machine