Any practitioner whose regulatory body allows the use of Shockwave Therapy – and preferably practitioners trained by us.

For example: Medical Doctor, Registered Physiotherapist, Doctor of Chiropractic, Osteopath, Registered Massage Therapist, Kinesiologist or other HCP designation.

Licensed Aestheticians (who are also preferably ILS certified) may use shockwaves for aesthetic skin, cellulite and body contouring treatments. These are not claimable health expenses.

Technically, shockwave therapy is not a regulated modality in certain countries, including Canada and the United States. That being said, we do our best to register our courses with associations that approve the use of shockwave therapy as a treatment modality that may be used by their members.  We are constantly in the process of maintaining course accreditation with certain associations.

Absolutely not. But we do recommend knowing which device you will be using in the future, as training modules are specific to the type of technology and the device manufacturer.  If you are not sure which device to choose, we offer a device consultation to help you select the best device for your clinic and scope of practice.

Focused and unfocused shockwaves are generated from three different forms of shockwave generators: Electrohydraulic, electromagnetic, and piezoelectric.


  • Electrohydraulic shockwave therapy device (MTS, Flashwave)
  • Electromagnetic shockwave therapy device (Storz, BTL, Dornier)
  • Piezoelectric shockwave therapy device (Richard Wolff)

In physical terms, Radial Shockwave (Pressure Wave) Therapy is not considered a True Shockwave. We love Radial Pressure Waves because they work great for soft tissue treatments and are a cheap alternative to true shockwave technology.