No, you don’t. Each Flashwave® device comes pre-loaded with one of the four modality-focused applications, and can be expanded for others through a simple software upgrade.

Education and support is at the centre of our purpose. We train you to effectively provide treatments and create client success stories from your first day forward. We want our customers to create excellent results every time—and are committed to making it happen.

Our refurbishment plan is designed to be quick and easy, with no downtime for practitioners. You’ll receive two CCI® units so you will always have an extra while the other is being refurbished.  In unforeseen circumstances, loaner CCI’s are readily available to keep you going until yours in returned.

As clinicians ourselves, we recognize the importance of minimizing downtime. Our pledge is to always have you back on your feet in under 24 hours, and we will provide a loaner when necessary to keep you working and your schedule humming smoothly.