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Elevate your practice at the Medical Shockwave Institute, where cutting-edge shockwave therapy education meets unparalleled support for healthcare specialists. Our mission? To empower you – whether you are taking your first steps in shockwave therapy or honing advanced techniques. Expect to transcend traditional treatment limits and consistently deliver groundbreaking results with our tailed certification programs. Dive into our dynamic online courses, meticulously designed to encompass all shockwave devices, regardless of brand or model. We commit to exceptional training and support – our promise to you.

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, continuous learning is not just an advantage; it’s essential. That is why our platform is built to seamlessly integrate into the hectic life of a modern practitioner. Training that is not only informative, but also enjoyable and engaging. That is the Medical Shockwave Institute difference! Our courses are crafted to be as compelling and productive, as they are convenient.

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Elevate your practice at your own pace with our extensive library of on-demand video training and in-depth webinars. Crafted by our seasoned team of experts, these resources are tailored to complement live sessions and provide flexible learning options that align with your personal needs and the ambitious goals of your practice. Engage with our material when it suits you and unlock the full potential of shockwave therapy for lasting success.


Welcome to our comprehensive courses in radial and focal shockwave therapy. If you are uncertain about which course best suits your needs, our intuitive guide will effortlessly lead you to the right choice.

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At the Medical Shockwave Institute, we are not just about courses, we are about community. Register for our course today and get immediate, free access for three months to our vibrant shockwave community. After this, maintain your invaluable connection with the community and our institute’s founder, Uran, for just $99 USD.
It’s more than a community; it’s a place for shared growth, learning, and professional networking.


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What Practitioners Are Saying
About Us

I was entirely new to Shockwave Therapy. Joining MSI proved to be a transformative experience, as Uran guided me in selecting the appropriate Shockwave therapy device and provided comprehensive training protocols for successfully treating our patient base.

The most gratifying aspect of the MSI training program is the detailed information and protocols for treating different injuries. Having the opportunity to ask questions directly to Uran and receiving timely responses has been invaluable. The three significant advantages I’ve gained from the training are well-defined treatment protocols, seeking guidance on projected patient outcomes, and access to MSI’s Shockwave Community for additional learning from other providers.

In a nutshell, my advice to fellow Healthcare Practitioners based on my experience with Medical Shockwave Institute Training is to follow the protocols, ask questions, educate your patients, and watch the number of people you can help become limitless.

Participating in the MSI training program has significantly contributed to the financial success of my practice. The confidence gained through the training allowed me to start treating patients, expanding our treatment modalities and successfully handling a broader range of pathologies. This has led to an increased volume of patients and referrals.

- Dr. Cliff Atwell

My challenge with Shockwave Therapy was the simplicity of the protocols that came with the device. However, I was pleasantly surprised and extremely happy to find that the training provided by Medical Shockwave Institute was easy to follow and made complete sense.

As a result of this training, I’ve experienced three significant benefits – a better starting point for developing effective protocols, consistently happy patients, and reliable, consistent results. I can confidently say that Medical Shockwave Institute has enabled me to provide advanced treatment protocols with reliable outcomes.

To fellow Healthcare Practitioners, I highly recommend Medical Shockwave Institute Training for its ability to enhance your practice with advanced protocols and reliable results.

- Christian Pinnau

Before enrolling in the Medical Shockwave Institute Training, my primary challenges with Shockwave Therapy included uncertainty about the most effective techniques, acquiring and safely operating the technology, and explaining its workings to patients. The Medical Shockwave Institute Training addressed these concerns and exceeded my expectations unexpectedly and gratifyingly.

What stood out the most was the continued commitment to my success in the field. Despite the initial apprehension about the significant investment, I never felt alone after taking the plunge with Medical Shockwave Institute. The advantages I’ve derived from the training are substantial – increased treatment success, heightened confidence, and unlocking new patient and business opportunities.

I recommend the Medical Shockwave Institute Training to fellow Healthcare Practitioners seeking powerful healing tools. It’s been an excellent experience, and if I could humorously sum it up, I’d say, ‘Stay away; it’s mine!’ But in all seriousness, the program is exceptional, and I encourage anyone interested in impactful professional development to explore it.

The financial success of my practice has significantly benefited from the training, not just due to heightened patient demand but also through diversification of services. Beyond the technology, my investment in Uran has been invaluable. His expertise and our relationship have been crucial to my continued success. I wouldn’t waste time exploring other schooling options; Uran’s experience is unparalleled.

- Marc Gauthier

Before enrolling in the Medical Shockwave Institute Training, I faced specific challenges with Shockwave Therapy. The new device I acquired came without training from the seller, leading to skepticism on my part. My prior experience with a radial device had been less than favourable.

However, the Medical Shockwave Institute Training program was a game-changer. It covered everything essential for effective patient treatment, addressing the gaps in my previous empirical approach with minimal training. The comprehensive training provided a solid foundation, replacing skepticism with confidence.

The three significant advantages I derived from participating in the Medical Shockwave Institute Training were knowledge, the accessibility of expert guidance from Uran whenever clarification was needed, and overall confidence in my abilities.

I highly recommend fellow healthcare practitioners enroll in the Medical Shockwave Institute Training. The experience is beneficial for personal and professional development and is in the best interest of your patients.

Regarding the impact on the financial success of my practice, the confidence gained from proper training has translated into heightened patient trust and demand. Knowing I provide the best care possible has positively influenced my practice’s success

- Hugo Aguirre, M.D.

Medical Shockwave Institute is a company like no other company I’ve ever dealt with. I absolutely love the way that Medical Shockwave Institute dealt with me. They never came at me from a financial point of view of benefiting them. They were always interested in what they could do for me. Dealing with Uran, I knew I was in safe hands, and I wasn’t going to be let down. He was full of information and willing to share and wanting to help me actually succeed. It was unbelievable customer service. I’ve never dealt with a company that cared that much at all. They go over and beyond all the time.

- Alana Wilke


Our mastery of extracorporeal shockwave and radial pressure wave therapies is more than academic—it’s honed by daily hands-on practice. Our seasoned expertise doesn’t just come from treating a diverse array of pain and injury conditions; it’s the product of rigorous, real-world application in a bustling clinic environment. Our insight is your advantage. We don’t just teach—we elevate your practice with tried-and-true protocols that not only enhance treatment outcomes but also extend the lifespan of your equipment. Our courses are meticulously tailored to enrich the skillset of every shockwave practitioner, regardless of your experience or device brand. Choosing us means opting for the pinnacle of shockwave education. It’s where novices evolve into seasoned experts and seasoned experts continually refine their craft. Welcome to the I Love Shockwave Training Centre—your gateway to becoming the trusted authority in regenerative therapies