October 25th & 26th (Friday & Saturday)
Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine - 16th Annual Conference Exhibition

The I Love Shockwave team is coming back to Toronto!  We are thrilled to be presenting Flashwave® therapy to medical professionals in the cosmetic, dermatological and aesthetic fields.

Flashwave® therapy is a revolutionary non-invasive approach that is producing better results than many different invasive procedures – without the negative side effects.  With no downtime, minimal discomfort during treatment and a profound impact at the cellular level, Flashwave® creates healthy tissues evolved from the inside out, activating endogenous stem cells and stimulating muscle fiber growth.  Patients experiencing severe cellulite and wrinkles, scars, circulatory concerns, open wounds and non-healing ulcers are all excellent candidates for Flashwave® and will often notice a difference within 3 short treatments.

Look for us at the conference exhibition to find out how Flashwave® for Aesthetics & Skin Management can set your practice apart from the pack and distinguish your clinic as an industry leader in aesthetic medicine and regeneration.