At the Medical Shockwave Institute, we don’t just teach – we lead by example. As full-time practitioners, we’ve harnessed the power of Shockwave therapy across a wide range of specialities – from musculoskeletal management to urology, diabetes care, aesthetics, and beyond. Our hands-on-experience has made us witnesses to the transformative impact of Shockwave therapy, fueling our mission to elevate the practices of fellow healthcare professionals.

Our dedication goes beyond mere training. We are committed to cultivating a community of proficient Medical Shockwave Institute certified practitioners, united by a shared goal of enhancing patient care. Whether you are a physiotherapist, massage therapist, urologist, dermatologist, podiatrist, or aesthetician, our comprehensive training programs are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring you wield Shockwave therapy with confidence and precision.

Join us and become part of a forward-thinking community that’s reshaping healthcare. Elevate your practice, achieve exceptional results for your clients, and experience the profound satisfaction of mastering Shockwave therapy. Let’s embar on this journey together.

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Uran Berisha


Driven by a deep-seated passion for science and a commitment to aiding others, Uran embarked on his journey in healthcare by earning a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Rezonanca University of Medical Sciences in 2009. Following his graduation, Uran immigrated to Canada, a move that began his pursuit of transforming lives.

In 2012, Uran rose to establish the Unpain Clinic, a beacon in the world of shockwave therapy, recognized globally for its excellence and innovation. He now owns three 7-figure shockwave therapy clinics and has administered over 35 000 shockwave therapy treatments, carving the path to achieve his mission of reducing chronic pain in one million people by 70%. His unique Unpain Method is a sophisticated approach that targets chronic musculoskeletal pain, triggering regenerative healing at its root.

Uran’s prowess in the field comes from over 20 years of experience in diverse healing methodologies, with more than a decade focused on shockwave therapies, which he now shares with health care practitioners all around the world through the Medical Shockwave Institute virtual training platform.

When not immersed in the world of shockwave therapy, Uran spends his time with his wife, Adelina, and their three children where together as a family they love to bike, ski, and relax on the beach.