At I Love Shockwave, we’re not merely a vendor of Flashwave® devices, we’re full-time practitioners too. We use Flashwave® daily, and have grown accustomed to seeing amazing results.

Our vision is to help other healthcare practitioners enjoy the same rewarding results for their clients and patients. That’s why we believe in providing the highest level of support and training in addition to enthusiastic product information sessions and assistance-oriented outreach.

We’re looking forward to having  you as part of our community!

Uran Berisha


As the President and a founding member of Unpain Clinic and Remedial Wellness, Uran is one of just a few shockwave therapists in Canada certified with the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST) since 2013.

Uran is a certified shockwave educator and device technician, offering True Shockwave™ and Flashwave® therapy training and support to other professionals developing their own practices. He is also one of four members worldwide to be seated on the board for the Flashwave® Faculty, dedicated to advancing this revolutionary new shockwave technology.

Uran is a skilled Registered Massage Therapist and his clients and colleagues can often be heard commending his ability to locate the true source of pain. He is always looking for new ways to improve healing, and has in recent years added Neurokinetic Training (NKT) as well as Amino BioFrequency (ANF) Therapy to his treatment repertoire. Uran received his Canadian Registered Massage Therapist designation from MH Vicars School  in 2011.

​Uran’s humble beginnings, outgoing personality and remarkable success record with difficult cases have been a driving force in the growth of his businesses. In his free time, Uran enjoys kick-boxing, swimming, cycling and spending time with wife and three children.

Kati Luknowsky


Kati is the CEO and a founding member of Remedial Wellness and Unpain Clinic. She has been the Business Director of Beri Co Inc since 2012, managing I Love Shockwave, Unpain Clinic and Remedial Wellness. Kati oversees all departments and a passionate administrative team across two locations.

Kati graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She has a keen interest in nutrition, anatomy and physiology and enjoys teaching opportunities whenever possible. She prides herself on maintaining in-depth knowledge on all products and services and, alongside Uran, personally selects every line that lands on the clinic’s shelves.

Kati is a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award recipient and prides herself on community engagement and the importance of good service. She loves spending time with her husband and two sons (plus a million plants… and counting). In her spare time, Kati likes to knit, play the violin and can occasionally be found on the hockey rink.