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At the I Love Shockwave Training Center, we’re full-time practitioners who through research, training and experience have advanced the use of Shockwave therapy in musculosketelal management and correction, urology, diabetes, aesthetics and skin management as well as other applications. Shockwave is central to our own practices, and in using it daily we have grown accustomed to seeing amazing results.

Our vision is to help other healthcare practitioners enjoy the same rewarding results for their clients and patients. That’s why we provide the highest level of training and support—and are committed to creating a supportive Shockwave certified community of I Love Shockwave Training Centre practitioners.

We’re looking forward to having you as part of our community!

Uran Berisha


Uran knows that if you have your health, the impossible doesn’t exist. His goal is to live to 126 years young. And if that sounds outrageous, you haven’t met Uran. Having grown up in Kosovo and experiencing war, then moving to Canada jobless and unable to speak any English, Uran went from a net worth of $500 to becoming the founder of Unpain Clinic, one of the most successful shockwave clinics in the world and creator of the I Love Shockwave virtual training platform for medical shockwave practitioners—then thriving post pandemic. Uran jokes that the next logical step is to fly off in a spaceship.

Uran’s vivid vision is to help 1 million people to reduce chronic pain by 70%. He is accomplishing this by treating clients directly and training other practitioners in Shockwave Therapies around the globe.

Uran’s unique ability is decoding chronic pain for musculoskeletal conditions—then stimulating regenerative healing from the root cause back. With over 20 years’ experience in helping people through numerous healing modalities and over a decade specializing in shockwave therapies, he has carefully designed the Unpain Method TM

Uran has undergone 7 years of training in Physiotherapy (although not a registered PT in Canada), plus 2 years in manual therapy and is an active member of ISMST since 2013.

Uran has successfully treated thousands of clients using shockwave modalities, and has trained practitioners and clinicians around the world in effective shockwave therapy application with a focus on exceptional, lasting outcomes.

Uran and his lovely wife Adelina prioritize family time with their three children and can often be found biking, skiing and sharing time on the beach.

Kati Luknowsky


Kati is CEO and a founding member of Unpain Clinic and I Love Shockwave Inc. She oversees all I Love Shockwave operations and all Unpain Clinic departments.

Kati graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She has a keen interest in anatomy, physiology and the epidemiology of disease. She prides herself on maintaining in-depth knowledge on all offerings and, along with the President, personally selects and/or develops every product, service or course that is offered throughout any of the companies. Kati is also responsible for the education and support of any admin teams for clinics participating in the 25K Ultimate Shockwave Clinic program through I Love Shockwave.

In her limited downtime, Kati enjoys spending time with her husband and their 2 sons, 2 cats and a million plants…and counting. She also enjoys gardening, golfing, skiing and paddleboarding.